Harvard Magazine profile

“Pure poetry. . . “The Black Clown” has made its grand entrance in a world premiere at the American Repertory Theater, with an opening night performance Wednesday that brought down the house.”
Boston Globe

“The Black Clown is precisely why we have and need theater. . . filling the air around us with song and sight that plunges into the soul.  It’s the kind of piece that returns you to the world you entered just 70 minutes before, if not a changed person, then certainly a vastly more enlightened one.”
WGBH Boston

“Staggering. . . astonishing. . . bringing overwhelming humanity to exactly the place where it is needed.”
Los Angeles Times

“Incisive and persuasive. . . Hughes’s text offers annotations on music and mood for each of his 17 stanzas, and while Schachter has noted them he has gone way past them. His score features absorbing tunes in an extraordinary amalgam of styles. . . this is one of those scores so interesting and involving, you wish you could purchase it in the lobby on the way out.”
New York Stage Review

“A work of art. . . brave, engaging, and immersive.”
Boston Herald

“Inspiring, original music.”
Broadway World

“Davóne Tines, who stars in the title role, and Michael Schachter, who wrote the score, have adapted Hughes’ iconic work to create something that is so much greater. . . a mind-blowing theatrical experience.”
Theater Mirror

“Beautiful and wrenching; transfixing and indelible.”
Edge Media Network

“An essential work of artistic bravery and truth.”

“The evening seared my soul. . . a brilliant collage of word, music, and movement, packing the strength, solemnity, and uplift of a prayer.”
Joyce Kulhawik, CBS Boston

“Rhythmically complex, but poignantly lyrical. . . the bold juxtaposed against the sweetly restrained.”
Arts Knoxville

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