Andrew Killick’s “Global Notation” and the Paradox of Universal Specificity
Analytical Approaches to World Music 8, no. 2: 324-331 (2021)

Review: Keith Jarrett’s A Multitude of Angels
Music and Literature (March 2, 2017)

Structural Levels in South Indian Music
Music Theory Online 21, no. 4 (2015)

‘Autumn Leaves’: Intricacies of Style in Keith Jarrett’s Approach to the Jazz Standard
Indiana Theory Review 31: 115–67 (2013)

Selected Presentations

“‘Batter my Heart’: John Adams’ Doctor Atomic and the Slippery Art of ‘Standing For’”
American Musicological Society National Meeting [Zoom] (2020)

“The Black Clown: Realizing Hughes” (invited lecture-recital)
(with Davóne Tines)
Beinecke Library, Yale University (2017)

“Multistable Hierarchies and Analytical Fictions” (invited talk)
Keynote Address, Bowling Green State University Graduate Conference, Bowling Green, OH (2016)

“Structural Levels in South Indian Music”
Society for Music Theory National Conference, St. Louis, MO (2015)

“A Closer Look at Harmonic Prolongation in Jazz Performance”
Special Session on Jazz Harmony, Society for Music Theory National Conference, St. Louis, MO (2015)

“Wittgenstein’s ‘Family Resemblances’ and Musical Values”
Music Theory Midwest, Appleton, WI (2014)

“Harmony, Counterpoint, and Form in Keith Jarrett’s ‘Autumn Leaves'”
Music Theory Midwest, Norman, OK (2013)

“The Well-Tempered Clavier Tuner: Piano Technology Influencing Composition”
(with Garrett Schumann)
Midwest Composers Symposium, Bloomington, IN (2011)

Research in Progress

“Categories, Ambiguity, and Musical Reasoning”
(paper, adapted from dissertation chapter)

“Beyond ‘Rule’-Oriented Voice-Leading: A Corpus-Based Approach”
(with Ezra Keshet; paper, expanding on dissertation research)

“Keyboard Harmony and Stylistic Improvisation”
(pedagogical handbook, developed while teaching at the University of Michigan)

Curriculum Vitae:
(last updated: 2.2021)

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